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GONG BATH med Mateusz Krawiec & Leona Frantzich
med Mateusz & Leona

oktober 7 (lördag)
klockan 14:00

Lektionens längd
150 minuter

Bråtagatan 8A

Gong Bath     (2,5 timme)

Varmt välkomna till ett längre Gongbad med en av Sveriges mest kända och erfarna gongmästare Mateusz Krawiec. Denna gång har han även med sin partner Leona Frantzich.

Inga förkunskaper krävs, inte ens några speciella kläder.
Kom precis som du är, och låt ljuden och vibrationerna skölja bort all stress från ditt system.
Sound Healing är en uråldrig konstform som fått ny kraft och stort ökat intresse mycket tack vare forskningen inom modern ljudterapi.
Mateusz inkluderar de uråldriga kunskaperna och traditionerna med modern forskning och förståelse.

In Sound Bath you will experience physio acoustic effect of instruments like Instruments like Gongs, didjeridoo, singing bowls which create resonant frequencies. By being immersed in vibrations of your nervous system relaxed. Sound Bath induce a meditative state, helping to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. As the body and mind relax, stress levels can decrease, allowing the body's natural healing abilities to be more effective.

About Mateusz Krawiec:
Sound Therapy facilitator, Artist, Yoga Teacher, and the founder of Sound Therapy Training. Originally from South-West Poland, living in Sweden. He is a former Lawyer, who dedicated his proffesional life to healing arts. "Since 2009 Sound Healing started becoming a big part of my life and with years it became my profession. Today sound is a form of my embodied spiritual practice, therapeutic tool and a form of artistic expression."
Mostly recognized for playing idiophonic instruments like Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoo, and overtone singing. Focused in his work on physio acoustic, artistic and ceremonial aspects of Sound as Therapeutic modality.

About Leona Frantzich:
Musician, teacher and Music Producer. From learning violin and piano as a child and throughout years of music conservatories she became a pioneer with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Her passion for ASMR led her to write a bachelor thesis in music production about sound healing and ASMR. Her live performances in ASMR and workshops help people change their perception of listening into expanded hearing with the whole nervous system. As a musician Leona is involved in; music collective Sat Sisters consisting of women performing Scandinavian medicine songs and mantras, band Atma creating traditional folk songs inspired by nature and sound healing collective Art of Union. Leonas solo album was released in 2019. Her broad interests also include work with children pedagogic and tv-production for children.

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