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Hot Yang 90 - ENG
med Rachel

december 3 (söndag)
klockan 10:00

Lektionens längd
90 minuter

Bråtagatan 8A

Hot Yang 90 min - ENGLISH

Hot Yang is our hotest class and is very similar to Bikram yoga. We do the same 26 postures twice in each class, and in the same order. Each pose prepare the body for the next, working and progressing our way into the body and mind, while building strength, stamina, resilience, flexibility, balance, determination, focus both mentally and physically. We do one pose at the time and hold each pose for a certain amount of time and then with a short pause before we do the next pose. Hence, also very good for complete beginners. The heat is there to enhance the practice and work as a catalyst while heating up the body making it warm, more flexible, less prominent to injury and also to induce a deep and holistic detoxification and healing. We also stimulate all the systems in the body, eg. the cardiovascular-, endocrine-, nervous-, immune-, digestive-, nervous- & respiratory system.
Focus is on our breath and sensing our body and adjusting the practice and the poses to ourselves, and how we feel today.

All bodies and levels are welcome!
This class will be taught in English.

The yoga shala will be around 35-36°C.


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