Ashtanga Inspired: Moon Sequence/ Hatha: Ashtanga Lite (In Studio)
with Jill E

December 1 (Friday)
at 4:30 pm

Class length
60 minutes

2nd Floor 10026 102 st

This class will alternate every Friday from Hatha: Ashtanga Lite with Tara Schuller to Moon Sequence with Dharani Selvakumar. 

Hatha: Ashtanga lite allows for teaching ashtanga with a more gentle approach. This class will have less vinyasa, longer holds in asana and variations but still teach the fundamentals of ashtanga. 

Moon Sequence, as inspired by Matthew Seeeney’s Chandra Krama. It is a gentle flowing sequence that combines yin yoga with vinyasa. Chandra Krama was originally designed as a counterbalance to dynamic practices such as the Ashtanga Primary Series. It is intended as a support practice rather than replace your primary practice. 
In addition, it helps practitioners to balance all aspects of yoga. 
In both these practices the sequence can and should be modified by all practitioners (and the teacher guiding the practice) depending on age, ability, injuries, and conditions.  
Come along to experience it for yourself!


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