Absolute Yoga & Pilates

Ditch Dieting Workshop
with Melissa O'Loughlan

March 9 (Saturday)
at 3:30 pm

Class length
90 minutes

Studio 1

Had enough of yo-yo dieting, struggling with what you see if the mirror and blaming yourself for “falling off the wagon”?
Join Melissa, Non-Diet Dietitian from Body Confident Nutrition for an introductory workshop about how you can move on from dieting, heal your relationship to food and feel good in your body exactly as you are (no weight loss required!).
Melissa will guide you through:
* Why diets don’t work (and what to do instead!)
* The non-diet approach
* Mindful eating
* Body acceptance
This workshop also offers a great opportunity to connect with others with similar experiences to yours. Because you are certainly not alone if you’ve struggled to accept your body or trust yourself around food! Spaces are limited to allow for plenty of time for questions, discussion and connection.
As well as plenty of new information and discussion, you will also receive worksheets to get you started on your journey to body acceptance and intuitive eating into the future.
This workshop compliments Tracey’s Body Love Yoga and Michelle’s Yoga for Bigger Bodies classes very well, however participation in either is not required to attend.

Time: Saturday 9th March 3.30pm-5pm
Location: Absolute Yoga and Pilates
Price: $50 per person (includes donation to The Butterfly Foundation)
To learn more about Melissa check out www.bodyconfidentnutrition.com.au


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