Pilates in Residence Workshop
February 22 (Saturday) at 10:30 am

Class length
3 hours
Pilates Nosara, Located at The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
My new passion project!  I am always thinking of how I can learn more in my field and how I can use my platform as a business owner to try to make some sort of change for the environment. 
Years ago I started the Nosara Challenge and No Plastic Nosara with some key people in my community. It is made a huge impact in this small town but we need to do more! Thus the creation of Pilates in Residence.
I think of it like artist in residence but with Pilates being the art. The idea is to invite teachers that want to share their in depth knowledge at Pilates Nosara in the form of a master class and one workshop. In trade I invite the instructor to stay at my home for five nights, enjoying the rest of the time as a vacation, also participating as many classes at my studio that they want. 
The workshops will be offered to everyone and anyone that wants to learn for a small fee for $30 cash.  All proceeds will be given to NO PLASTIC NOSARA and Nosara Recycle Center.
Stay tuned for dates of visiting instructors and what they will be presenting!!!
If you are an experienced instructor with some incredible to share and want to participate please email me at [email protected]

Sorry - that class has already taken place!