Pilates Nosara

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Purchase your Class Pass below. 
 Please remember we have a 48 hour cancellation policy with no exception.  
A private session is required for any clients prior to joining any group classes with any major injuries or  prior experience.  
All passes expire 3 months after date of purchase.
$20In Studio Mat Class Single
$12Zoom Mat Single Class
$120In Studio/Zoom~Mat 10 classes
$6In Studio/Zoom~Mat Class Citizens of CR Single Class
$40In Studio~Drop-In Reformer Class
$60In Studio/Zoom~ 10 Mat Class For Citizens of CR
$105In Studio/Zoom~3 Reformer Classes
$250In Studio~10-Class Reformer Punch Card
$110 Private In Studio/Zoom
$150Semi Private ~ In Studio
$140Page Private Session In Studio/Zoom
$700Page 5 privates Zoom/In studio
$200Page Semi-private
$5505 Private Sessions ~ In Studio/Zoom
$1,10010 Private Sessions ~ In studio/zoom
$190In Studio~Trio
$230In Studio-Quad (4 people)
$260In Studio~Cinco (5 people)
$20Zoom Reformer Class Single
$100Zoom Reformer Five Pack
$550 Zoom Private Session 5 pack
$50Cueing is an Artform~ Words have Power
$2,710Hermitage Private BB teacher training
$1,360Eco Cottage Teacher Training BB Shared (price per person)
$1,995Nature Suite shared room BB teacher training (price per person)
$2,250Morocco Retreat Final Payment
$500Morocco Deposit $500 March 29-April 4 2024
$900Pilates Elevated~Advanced Course
$700In studio Semi private 5 pack
$500Balanced Body TT retreat deposit
$1,600 8 semi privates with Page
$60In studio Mat 3 classes
$50How to Create Your own Pilates Retreat Online Workshop
$1,285Teacher Training BB Platform Tent
$700Five zoom/in studio Privates with Page
$75Special Gyrotonic Private Price $75
$500Deposit Private Hermitage Room with A/C
$500Deposit Shared Hermitage Room with A/C
$500Deposit Shared Nature Suite with A/C
$500Deposit Shared Eco Cottage
$500Deposit private Platform Tent
$250Reformer studio fee/deposit June 1-15th 2024 Reformer 1,2,3
$270In Studio Private Trio 90 min
$100Special 5 class pass for one month Equipment class
$3,695Private Queen Room April 2023
$500Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreat Deposit Nov 11-18 2023
$2,465Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreat Final Payment Nov 11-18 2023
$2253 Special Priced Privates with Ali $225
$500Deposit Private Eco Cottage
$1,816Eco Cottage Teacher Training BB Private
$2,800Private Hermitage plus Private Eco Cottage for BB Teacher Training
$850Commuter Nomadic with food
$450Commuter Nomadic without food
$0Online Mat Class & Teacher Training Question and Answer
$2802 privates with Page
$500Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreat Nov 23-30th 2024 Deposit
$2,700Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreat Final Payment Nov 23-30th 2024
$800Deposit Nature Suite King Bed. AC. Private Room
$800Deposit Nature Suite Twin Beds.AC.Shared Room
$800Deposit Hermitage Single Room Queen Bed.AC.Private Room
$800Deposit Hermitage Twin Beds.AC. Shared Room
$800Deposit Eco Cottage.Single Occupancy
$800Deposit Eco Cottage.Twin Beds. Shared Room
$800Deposit Platform Tent. Queen size platform bed
$449Pilates Elevated Mentorship Program Early Bird Price Sept 15th
$1,50010 Pack Semi Private
$500Deposit Italy Retreat October 5-12th 2024
$500Deposit Italy Retreat November 2-9th 2024
$2,625Italy Shared Room October 5-12th 2024
$3,350Italy Private Room Shared Bath October 5-12th 2024
$3,350Italy Private Room Shared Bath November 2-9th 2024
$2,625Italy Shared Room November 2-9th 2024
$665Black Friday Special 30% off valid until Sunday
$800DEPOSIT Pilates Wellness Retreat April 6-13th 2024
$2,495 Pilates Wellness Retreat April 6-13th 2024~Final Payment
$6004 Semi Private Sessions for Paige and Loch