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How to Cultivate Purpose + Drive in a World Full of Distractions - 1 Class Pass - Individual Session

The Workshop: How to cultivate purpose and drive in a world full of distractions
What: Come explore how to clarify your own path and generate the energy and vitality to embrace your journey.
How: We start with two important themes: "It's all connected" and "It's an inside job". This workshop dives into the neuroscience of motivation, how to retrain your brain to keep a better body budget, and practices to set your own GPS towards your True North. 
When: The first session begins on Tuesday, February 13th @ 1:30 pm MST. It runs for 90 minutes with a Q&A to follow. 
Cost: Each session is $40 / person. 4 sessions. Available individually or for a full series. 

* This is a virtual workshop
* There are four sessions in this series
* You can sign up for individual sessions



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