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How to Cultivate Purpose + Drive in a World Full of Distractions - 4 Class Pass - Total Workshop

The Workshop: How to cultivate purpose and drive in a world full of distractions
What: Come explore how to clarify your own path and generate the energy and vitality to embrace your journey.

How: We start with two important themes: "It's all connected" and "It's an inside job". This workshop dives into the neuroscience of motivation, how to retrain your brain to keep a better body budget, and practices to set your own GPS towards your True North. 

When: The first session begins on Tuesday, February 13th @ 1:30 pm MST. It runs for 90 minutes with a Q&A to follow. 

Cost: Each session is $40 / person. 

* This is a virtual workshop
* There are four sessions in this series
* You can sign up for individual sessions

About Damon Valentino, our instructor:
"Throughout my career, I have worked in the fields of education, coaching and human performance. The integration of my experience in these fields has framed my methodology as a performance coach and serves as the foundation of how I approach any new working relationship. 

I also feel a deep influence from over thirty years of world travel. Whether it was immersed in service projects in Cambodia or India, studying culture and contemplative practices, or just existing as a solo traveler in unfamiliar lands, I have a deep love for this amazing planet and the myriad humans who I have shared both small and profound moments with along the way. Each experience has helped me to understand more about myself, what binds humans together and how to holistically integrate formal training with human flourishing. 

I have come to realize that building optimal performance and human flourishing can coexist, but this requires a customized, human-centered approach that is grounded in science, sustainability, and support. My mission is to keep striving to learn and evolve so as to be of service to others. That matters most to me. 

I am grateful to have worked with humans across a number of domains, including, college/pro sports, paralympians, executives, authors, ER docs / nurses, government agencies, law enforcement / fire, coaches and parents."

Damon has a masters degree in sport/performance psychology and is a certified executive coach and group facilitator. 



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