Beg/Int Pilates Interval Training
February 24 (Wednesday) at 9:15 am


Stephanie Hall
Class length
50 minutes
Beginner/Intermediate Pilates Interval Training sets the foundation for all new and beginning clients. The exercises and tools developed in this class will build strength, increase flexibility and agility, improve balance, as well as help to form a greater body awareness. Clients will gain skill and understanding in using the Reformer, Tower, as well as Mat work.

"Grippy" socks are required for class. (Socks available for purchase at the studio.)

Please refrain from putting oils/lotions on prior to class.

*Please note: If you are new to the studio, please call the studio prior to signing up for a small group class.

*Please note our new in-studio COVID protocols.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!