COVID-19 Mat Class
March 30 (Monday) at 10:30 am (GMT-05:00)

Online Class

Stephanie Hall
Class length
50 minutes
Online via Zoom
Crazy times here, huh? We understand the importance of keeping an exercise routine, especially in times like these! Please enjoy access to our online Mat classes via Zoom using this pass. Once we get through this and things settle down, we look forward to seeing you in the studio. Until then, we hope you enjoy these classes while house-bound!

Here's how it works:
  1. Download Zoom on your computer, tablet or smartphone (it’s free and super easy to use!)
  2. Sign up for the "COVID-19 Mat Class". (Link to online calendar:
  3. Your confirmation email from Punchpass will contain a link for you to access the class online.
  4. Log into your computer, tablet or smartphone 5 minutes before class and click on the Zoom link provided for you in your email confirmation from Punchpass.
  5. Get ready to say “hi” to your fellow Pilates peeps, take a fun class…and make some history! We're making history here, folks!

*We are currently running these classes through April 4th. We hope to be back in the studio by then! If not, we will keep running these classes for your use. :)
*If you have not already signed a waiver with us, you will be prompted to sign a waiver.
*If you do not already have an active Mat Pass/Package, you can purchase the "COVID-19 Mat Pass" or a "COVID-19 Day Pass" for a single class. Link:
*Need to download Zoom? You can also use this link:

We'll be using props! Here are some props you will want to have on hand:
1) Mat--If you have your own mat, great! If not, you can also use two very thick towels (enough to protect your spine). You can also purchase a Mat from Amazon (
2) Theraband--If you do not already own one, you can also use a towel. You can also purchase from Amazon (
3) Magic Circle--If you do not already own one, you can also use a ball or even a small box. You can also purchase from Amazon (
4) Light hand-held weights--If you don't already own some, you can also use cans of beans! You can also purchase from Amazon (

See y'all on the Mat!

Sorry - that class has already taken place!