Jump Back & Through Workshop
June 16 (Saturday) at 2:00pm

Jose Luis Velez
Class length
2 hours
Jump Back & Through Workshop June 16th at 2 pm at Casco Yoga Panama with Jose Luis Velez. In the Ashtanga Yoga method of practice we do a lot of jump backs to chaturanga dandasana and through to dandasana. Many practitioners struggle with the principles behind the mechanics of this moves. Therefore we will explore all the fundamentals awareness excercises and go through the elements that build up the jumping back and through techniques for a correct use of momentum and energy.

Come join us on this 2hr workshop that will help you have a better practice and understand more how to engage your core on an everyday basis.

Date: Saturday June 16th
Time: 2 – 4 pm
Cost: $40
Location: Casco Yoga Panama
Teacher: Jose Luis Velez
Both workshops: $50 (Jump Back & Through and Chanting Workshop)

Sorry - that class has already taken place!