Steel in Motion

Low Flow Heels
with Darren

May 29 (Wednesday)
at 6:45 pm

Class length
60 minutes

In this class we will be adding to our repertoire with more complex movements and transitions, strength based grips and floats, heel work, and flexibility based body work. We will focus on adding these things into our existing skill set, as well as refining our technique while building new dynamic skills.

*Prerequisites for this class are as follows:
-Comfortable with pirouettes
-Basic spins (Chair, Back Knee, ect)
-Comprehension of basic flow movements (Leg and body waves, terminology such as internal and external rotation, walking, basic turns, ect)
-Knee pads required, heels optional but encouraged! 

*This class is not introductory, first time students should not sign up for this class. 

***A 5 minute late grace period is in place, however you must make the warm-up prior to class. This is for your safety, there are zero exceptions.

You may cancel class up to 12 hours prior to class time at no charge, after 12 hours you will lose the class credit.


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