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  • A Brush with Vino (Social Painting Evening Single Ticket) $65
  • One Day Workshop $220
  • Masterclass Two Day Workshop $390
  • Drop-In Single Pass - Weekly Painting Class $75
  • 5 Class Pass – Weekly Painting Classes $340 ($34/hr for instruction and materials)
  • 10 Class Pass – Weekly Painting Classes ($30/hr for instruction and materials)

Once you select and purchased your pass you will need to 'create a customer login‘ (if you haven’t already) and register for the class you wish to attend. Go to the schedule and select the class wish to attend. It is now that you will be asked to " create an account"

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You will be sent a confirmation email. Press link to activate your account.

Final steps are to go to the schedule again and register for the class.

Look out for the email that confirms you have registered. If you are attending the weekly painting classes, it is recommended that you book into each week for a few weeks in advance to ensure you get the class and times you are after.

Contact [email protected] if you have any issues.

The next time, you just simply log in and register for your class.

I look forward to painting with you soon

A$85Drop In
A$65010 Painting Classes Pass
A$3755 Painting Classes
A$220One Day Workshop
A$390Paint the Ocean Master Class 2 Day Workshop
A$60A Brush With Vino