Defy Gravity

Dip, Flip, and Split with Dalton Rhodes
with Jessica Leigh

August 14 (Sunday)
at 11:30 am

Class length
75 minutes

Pole Room

spot left
Ready to add a little spice to your low flow? In this low flow tricks class we'll finesse getting into some photo and crowd worthy shapes as well as bringing out our inner daredevil with a focus on kips, low flow flips, and my all time favorite drop splits.

Requirements: Pole Level Non Invert 2+, comfortable being upside down, knee pads, heels optional.

Texas native, Dalton Rhodes has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years, but it wasn't until 2016 that he stumbled into a pole dancing class. From that moment he was head over 8-inch heel in love with the art form.

Dalton has since traveled across the country teaching, competing, and performing all while honing his own style and flow. He holds titles in various Pole Sport Organization competitions as well as the title of Exotic Generation USA Mens Champion of 2019.


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