Herbal Workshop
March 1 (Monday) at 7:00 pm (GMT-08:00)


Susan Horning
Class length
2 hours
Learn natural ways to use plants to enhance your well being!   

Preparing plant infusions and decoctions is easy and effective, adding vitamins and phytonutrients into your body that are assimilated in their whole and unprocessed form.  

Get to know the plants that may even be growing in your backyard already and their usefulness added into our diets in the form of delicious teas or home-made tinctures.

January 25, 2021:  Herbs for Immune Health
March 1, 2021:  Herbs for Mood and Mental Clarity
March 29, 2021:  Herbs for Gut Health

$19 per workshop, or $55 for all three (email [email protected] to register for all three classes)

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