with Eau-vive Roulleau


May 22 (Sunday)
at 9:00 am (GMT-07:00)

Class length
60 minutes

Bowspring is a transformational practice that teaches primal alignment of the spine through natural curves and supports an upright and uplifted posture.  Add this new understanding of your alignment to your daily expression of your yoga and enjoy the transformation that follows.

Transform pain into pleasure.  Dissolve stress into freedom.  Enjoy new ease and grace in everyday movements. Discover a (r)evolutionary way of being, through a practice that brings power and light into the body, mind, and heart.

This template for optimal health is meant to be taken off your mat and into everything you do, bringing radiance and lightness into all aspects of your life.

For yogis, athletes, or those who are brand new to movement practice.

Come find out why people all around the world are falling in love with Bowspring!!

This is for you if:

~ you feel limited or uncomfortable in your body

~ you'd like to increase skill in your chosen sport/s or favourite activities

~ you're ready to embody deeper self love and genuine confidence

~ your overall health needs a swift boost

~ you are ready to evolve into a more authentic version of yourself

~ you're ready to feel powerful in your physical expression

~ you are ready for the sculpted body of your dreams!

~ you need clarity, peace and focus in your mind

~ you feel a calling in your heart to open to new possibilities of expanded love

~ you appreciate being held accountable to your personal growth and success


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