SCULPT by Charli
February 26 (Tuesday) at 6:15 pm

Class length
50 minutes
455 Glynburn Rd, Leabrook
Perfect for those who want to party, but put extra emphasis on toning and sculpting to define those muscles! 

Introducing SCULPT by Charli. Sharing with you my home workouts I did to get back in shape after baby! 

Sculpt is a fun class that incorporates balls and therabands as well as cardio based exercises and floorwork bands, weights and other studio equipment to condition and sculpt all body parts. This is ideal for anyone looking for an intense toning class that is mixed impact (meaning there are low impact options). Your average Sculpt class begins with a warm up moving to compound exercises followed cardio based exercises and floorwork. This class has great music to sing along to and concludes with a full stretch cool down. 

Let's do 2019 together!

Sorry - that class has already taken place!