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Noon Class Membership (Summer Promo)

This $51 monthly membership noon classes only exclusive to NEW STUDENTS and old whose last purchase was over 6 months. 
This price is tentatively offered as the Summer Promo of which if purchased during the months of July to Sept 15, 2019, such offer will give the buyer student the right to come to any yoga class and not just noon yoga.

You agree to be charged $51+ every month for six (6) months on an automatic credit card deduction.  Your membership is non transferable and non refundable and you must start use within 30 days upon purchase.

Please advise us a  month / 30 days if you want to terminate this membership after 12 months / one year.

Each Payment is


Your Card Will Be Charged

Every 1 month

Membership will continue to renew until canceled.

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