Adv. Ticket: New Moon Planetary Gong Bath and Harmonic Attunements

We’re blessed to have sound healer Carmen Cicotti visiting from Lopez Island, accompanied by Loren Schaumberg. They will be playing four planetary gongs throughout the evening- Earth Year, New Moon, Neptune, and Venus- as well as providing supportive soundscape with other sacred instruments. They will be working with the themes of balance, foundation, and grounded perspective in the spheres of love and money. You’ll have the opportunity to set intentions with the new moon to find clarity in how you approach your relationships and your sense of comfort.  

During the session you will be led in a guided relaxation meditation with the harmonies of Tibetan Singing Bowls, then into deep rest as the Gongs fill the space. This is a profoundly transformative and powerful experience – be prepared to have your mind and heart expand in glorious directions!

Gong sounds build a safe environment for the mind to relax and let go. Deep states of meditation become automatic. The gong's vibrations gently massage participants on a cellular level. The frequencies generated allow the body to release, reset, and re-align to a balanced state, affecting the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes. Yoga mats and blankets will be available, but you may also want to bring a camping mat, eye pillow, or personal pillow to maximize your comfort. You are also invited to bring a small offering to place at the altar that will be in the room. Your offering can be anything: something to add beauty to the room; something you want to honor; energy you want to invite in, or let go. 


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