Advance College Student Ticket: Balance Your Breath, Balance Your Life Pranayama Workshop

Taught by: Ruby Koa & Katrina Svoboda Johnson
When: Saturday March 9th, 1:30-4:00 pm
Price: $40 advance, $45 door ($30 advance for students, $40 door) 

Join us for this experiential workshop & informational lecture. Learn all about Prana—and why pranayama (literally, breath extension) is an important self-care practice. 
You will learn an Ayurvedic tridoshic (beneficial no matter what your constitution is) routine that you can practice at home. Expand your breath toolbox with this pranayama routine that Dr. Lad teaches. It is said that the winds of the mind and the emotions ride on the breath. Thus, when you have mastery over your breath, you have access to mental equanimity and a balanced life. 

The workshop will include yoga movement, the pranayama practice, and sound healing. 



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