Body IQ Studio Somatics
July 30 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am

Gore Laughlin
Class length
1 hour
Body IQ Studio Somatics is a very effective class for achieving great flexibility, posture, and ease of movement. It is great for people of all levels of ability. It helps those who have any chronic pain, stiffness or tension in muscles leading to hip problems, back pain, RSI, sciatica, migraines. Yet at the same time it is a valuable tool for those who are very able bodied but who want to improve their performance in whatever they do as it improves precision, stability, fluidity of movement and efficiency of movement which means it's great for anyone involved in sports of any kind or entertainment (dancers, musicians, etc.) or anything where awareness of breathing, posture and movement is essential. This is NOT the class to do if you want to "feel the burn”, in fact the less effort involved the better! It IS a class designed to exercise the mind as much as the body and to get the brain and the body talking to each other again so that you can feel the benefits of a body that moves and feels better in everything that you do. In short, it's the best all-round mind-body maintenance you can do.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!