Yoga Therapy
January 27 (Monday) at 9:00 am

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Jayme Sweere
Class length
1 hour
Yoga Therapy classes are designed for what presents from the students in the class. 
 Sequencing for each session is based on developmental movement theory and advances progressively over the month. This gradual and intentional step-by-step approach supports understanding where your personal areas of weakness or over development are. It’s a fascinating process of self-discovery. 

Techniques of mindful movement, breath, self massage, relaxation, and meditation are guided in a down-to-earth and approachable way. Movement strategies are discussed and implemented for healing chronic pain. One of the most important aspects and differentiating factors in yoga therapy vs a yoga class is I am seeing you and giving feedback that helps you identify movement patterns that inform mental, emotional and relational patterns that impact your whole life.

Breath training is an integral part of each class and in a short time competency in self-regulation and independent practice is developed. 
Each class in June compiles to make up Jayme's Yoga therapy program and requires a consultation for sign up. 

General Weekly Class Organization
Monday: Feet | Ankles | Knees = EARTH
Tuesday: Hips | Low Back | Rhythm & Flow = WATER
Wednesday: Core Actions & Strength | Digestion Support = FIRE
Thursdays: Shoulders | Upper Back | Joint Stability = AIR
Friday: Neck | Sound Healing | Mental Health Support = SPACE
Sunday: Movement as Meditation and Medicine = EMBODY THE ELEMENTS

A yoga therapist has undergone significantly more training to be able to offer personalized support to each attendee.  The end result of even just a single class is deeper knowledge of how to apply yoga as a therapeutic tool for daily life. 

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