You Can Yoga

Workshop: The Power of Breath
with Romina

January 11 (Saturday)
at 14:00

Class length
180 minutes

Stadionweg 283

Breathing is vital. If you breathe properly you are able to improve the overall quality of your life. A busy lifestyle, and lack of awareness, reduces the amount of oxygen you inhale. This can damage body cells and increase the ageing process.
During this workshop we will discover and learn the conscious control of Prana, the vital energy. In this way the Prana can flow smoothly through the Nadis - the nervous system - and nourish the full body.
We will introduce the physical anatomy of breathing, what Prana means in Yoga, and different breathing techniques: a complete yogic breathe, alternate nostril breathing, breathe retention, the bandhas and Kapalabhati. READ MORE >>


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