Yoga and Meditation Lounge

EVENT: New Year Stress-Detox Retreat
with Lisa

January 9 (Sunday)
at 10:00 am

Class length
360 minutes


A day of silent bliss... All of us love and need to retreat from the world occasionally. This auspicious time, when we close one year and open ourselves to the next, is the perfect opportunity to spend a day in harmony with yourself and allow your body and being to regenerate. Drop your past year, letting it go with ease. Switch off from your phone, the television, your computer, the radio, and chatter.

This day of quiet healing is a rest for all of the senses. A period of deep silence is observed for the duration of the retreat. The energy of silence and mindfulness penetrates our flesh and bones, and calmness prevails. In Noble Silence we cultivate higher levels of hearing, perception, and vision.

Take home valuable techniques that will enable you to manage any stresses that may arise in 2022. A wonderful plethora of nurturing sessions complimented with aroma therapy to balance the body and mind, and heighten the experience of relaxation.

If you're presently going through a tough time in life, or you just need some time to 're-set' or cleanse your entire being with a 'stress-detox', this one day will make a profound impact. and set you up for a bright new year. 

Limited Numbers.

$180 ($100 deposit at time of booking. $80 balance paid on the day). 
Deposit payment includes a $1.05 online transaction fee.