EVENT: Cultivate Calm - Day Retreat
February 27 (Saturday) at 10:00 am


Class length
6 hours
A meditation retreat day like no other, full of practical sessions to unravel anxiety and stress.

This comprehensive and truly unique day with Lisa will take you on a very practical journey towards cultivating calm in the face of life's uncomfortable moments, and finding comfort in 'being' you. Learn how to ease the physiological, emotional and mental symptoms associated with stress & anxiety, and create a support structure on which you can rely to remain more calm and grounded at times when you would otherwise be feeling shakey. (Incorporating the Beginnner Meditation Workshop within this retreat makes it a thorough and invaluable experience!)

Many workshops rolled in to one, this full and varied day is perfect for you if:
  • anxiety, emotional / mental stress, or ptsd is interfering with your life
  • you want to repattern the 'stress response' reaction in your body
  • you want a deeper understanding and sense of self
  • you want to learn the foundations of meditation 
  • you want to live with greater presence and calm

$150 ($75 deposit at time of booking. $75 balance paid on the day). 
Deposit payment includes a $1.65 online transaction fee.

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