Mum Power - Mums & Bubs
with Steph

December 13 (Tuesday)
at 9:30 am

Class length
45 minutes

All Saints, Arana Hills

spots left

Our classes are designed to help with you with pelvic floor, posture and strength using a combination of body weight and other equipment (resistance bands, weights).

Mum & Bubs classes are specifically designed for new Mums in that we don’t do any high impact exercises while you are in the early stages of post partum that new Mums shouldn’t be doing (like burpees, box jumps or sit ups for example). We will progress you through different levels of exercise when you are ready and able, but you won’t be pushed, yelled at or “boot camped” at any point.

Similarly, if you need to stop and feed or just attend to your bub you won’t be frowned upon. You do what you need to do and just join back in the class when you’re ready. We don’t offer a crèche service so you will be responsible for looking after your little one/s for the duration of the class.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!