In Studio - Balanced Practice Yoga
December 6 (Sunday) at 4:00 pm

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Narelle Andren
Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
YogaBellingen 1/15 Short Street, Bellingen - behind the Gelato Bar
A Balanced Practice Yoga is an intelligent  flowing dynamic practice  working on  deepening our connection to the breath and the bodies deep wisdom. This class includes asana, pranayama, mediation and relaxation.
A Balanced Practice Yoga brings together lessons from traditional yoga practices and modern science. We support you to use the tools of yoga to enhance your physical and mental health. 
These dynamic physical classes give students the tools to evolve not only their asana practice but to cultivate insight into the heart of the yoga tradition.
Rather than a set system, A Balanced Practice Yoga is an interweave of different perspectives in order to keep the body and mind fluid and always adaptable to change. These classes encourage students to open the physical sheaths of the body, witness thought patterns and develop a great capacity to sense and feel.
Our experienced teachers will accommodate the needs of each individual, from complete beginners to practiced students.
Yoga is accessible and beneficial to all people when taught responsibly and appropriately, when the students’ practice helps them to listen to themselves and find their own inner wisdom and strength.
We always assess the needs of our students and modify postures to provide you with a way to consciously and safely build your skill in yoga.
A Balanced Practice Yoga offers each student an integrated, peaceful and expansive inner experience of breath, body and mind. 
These are intelligent, innovative classes that are powerful and therapeutically balanced, blending yogic philosophy and insight into the energetic body and bandhas (muscular or energetic locks)
We aim to demystify meditation, and teach meditation in ways that are accessible, sustainable and enriching for stress management and self realization.

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