InStudio Classical Hatha Yoga Yoga 80minute class
December 2 (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm

8 spots left

Jo Cunningham
Class length
1 hour 20 minutes
YogaBellingen 1/15 Short Street, Bellingen - behind the Gelato Bar

A general class for students with some prior experience in yoga. 
In this class we will be working through classical yoga postures to strengthen and harmonise the body. Each class is a full practice and may include, standing postures, balancing, twists, forward bends, backward bends and inversions.  There will be plenty of opportunity to explore variations so each student may work to their own comfortable capacity. A strong focus on the breath weaves itself through the entire class, fortifying the energetic body,  leaving you with a feeling of vitality and clarity. Relaxation is also an important aspect of this class, ensuring that no residue tension is held in the body and attention is directed towards ‘letting go’. 
A full and well rounded practice to cultivate your self awareness and connect you to your true nature.  This class encourages you to approach your yoga practice with a sense of grace and ease to create a spaciousness and freedom within. 

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