In Studio - Yin Yoga
November 25 (Wednesday) at 9:00 am

18 spots left

Eva Joan
Class length
1 hour
YogaBellingen 1/15 Short Street, Bellingen - behind the Gelato Bar
Yin yoga is a meditative practice combining elements from three different wisdom traditions: hatha yoga of India, Taoist principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine & mindfulness techniques from Tibetan Buddhism.
In a Yin class you will be invited to slow right down and hold asanas (postures) for an extended period – three to five minutes. These long held stretches- working at your own edge, help open up energy channels (aka meridians or nadis) as well as freeing up tension and knots held up in our connective tissue.
There are no standing postures in a yin practice: only sitting and lying down.
Every thought & feeling that we have, leaves an imprint in our body. Sometimes it gets processed quickly and doesn’t leave a trace but most of the time, especially when we feel stressed, tired or depleted, it gets stuck in our tissues & if left unattended, can lead to tension, imbalances & eventually dis-ease.
Bringing the light of our attention & the soothing effect of our breath to parts of our body that feel tight or sore, whilst holding a specific shape, has a profoundly healing & balancing effect on all the different layers of our being.

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