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Pilates Elevated Mentorship Program Early Bird Price Sept 15th

How to level up your teachings and make Pilates a successful career!

This is a SIX MONTH PROGRAM.  We meet once a month for 2 hours for SIX MONTHS for a LIVE CLASS

What will you learn
30 minute mat class lead by Page with a specific theme, cueing, sequence, injury, etc
30 minute lecture on a specific topic of interest
30 minute teaching exploration time
30 minute question and answer about anything relating to teaching
Homework Workbook

Limited to 12 people that have already completed the Mat teacher training
DATES ( times are listed in Costa Rica time zone)

Thurs Oct 5rd 3pm
Fri Nov  3rd 230 pm
Sat Dec 2nd 9am
Sat Jan 6th 9am
Sat Feb 3rd 9am
Sat March  2nd 9am



Plus Tax: $17.96

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