Slow Flow // Vinyasa - Open Level
September 22 (Tuesday) at 6:00 am

15 spots left

Karina Paxinos
Class length
1 hour
Deep, slow & reverent. This warm loving class weaves together breath and movement through a calm, sweet flow practice.

While this class is a slower pace than regular Vinyasa, it will still challenge and inspire you to deepen your practice. This class consists of Sun Salutes, standing poses, balancing postures, twists, inversions, and always ends with a deep, relaxing savasana.

Emphasis is given to aligning breath and movement, slowing down and paying attention, and relaxing into your own body.

This class is appropriate for beginners (completing at least a beginner course is recommended) and more experienced students alike.

Twist, flow, grow and leave with your cup filled.

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