New Moon Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing - Open Level
February 22 (Saturday) at 5:00 pm

5 spots left

Mel & Joel
Class length
2 hours
Mel will guide you to find the space between waking and dreaming with a nurturing yin yoga practice followed by a yoga nidra. This will take you to a place where true relaxation, peace & deep transformation is possible. 

It will also prepare you to receive Joels beautiful, effortless, deeply relaxing sound journey. 

Sound healing is part of the ancient practice of nada (sound) yoga and offers the opportunity to experience multiple ‘layers’ of experience. Feel the pure tones of alchemy with Joels 7 crystal singing bowls. These unique instruments resonate with specific areas of the endocrine and energetic systems (chakras) and enhance the flow of prana throughout our bodies (subtle & gross). 

Added to this, a soundscape created by the crystal harp, flute, guitar, rainstick & gong this will be both an aural and felt experience making it an immersion in sound and serves to access a peaceful, regenerative and dream-like state.

The combination of yin yoga, yoga nidra and sound healing is nothing short of blissful, and underneath he guiding energy of the new moon you will leave feeling powerfully regenerated, rested, clear and uplifted.

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