Mums & Bubs
January 22 (Wednesday) at 9:30 am

13 spots left

Tess Jacquard
Class length
1 hour
For mum, this beautiful class will support post birth recovery and provide a safe place with other mums to honour your emotions and the beautiful (but sometimes challenging!) journey of motherhood. For your baby, it’s a nurturing time to be involved in gentle stretching, massage and interactive play. Together you can create a happy, fun, safe balanced practice that you can also enjoy at home.

Class each week will be different. But you can expect some of the following in each class:

Quality interaction though movement, rhymes, walking meditation & baby massage. 
Rebuilding strength in the pelvic floor & abdominals muscles.
Calming techniques & holds for babies going through unsettled periods. 
Introduction to yoga nidra (yogic sleep).
Poses to relieve lower back pain and release shoulder and neck tension for whether you are breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or simply staring down lovingly at your little bundle of joy.
Playful movements for enhancing babies’ development. 
We will also work through poses to help with sleep deprivation and exhaustion.
Develop relaxation practices for you and your baby using the breath, hand mudras & peaceful music. 

Benefits of mums & bubs
  • Time to bond and connect
  • Exercises to improve your baby’s digestion, develop co-ordination & motor skills
  • Gentle interactive poses & baby massage to relax your baby and promote better sleep
  • Singing, rhymes and time to engage with your baby

Ideal for babies between the age of 6 weeks to crawling. 
Please make sure you have the “ok” first from your doctor / physio for yourself if you are still in the early stages of your post partum
No yoga experience is necessary 
Feeding at any stage throughout the class very welcome
Please dont bring prams into the studio

Sorry - that class has already taken place!