The Big Chill // Pranayama, Yin, Restorative, Nidra - Open Level
September 14 (Saturday) at 5:00 pm

Melissa Howard
Class length
3 hours
Osborne Park TPY
So often 75 minutes of yin  / restorative yoga yumminess is just not enough, and Ive been asked on so many occasions by you lovely people to put on a longer juicer, slower class. 

The Pisces full moon awakens our desire for closure on a deep soul level. As the zodiac’s last sign, Pisces is about endings and transitions. It’s time to surrender, wave the white flag, and accept the things we cannot change.

As human beings, we’re addicted to control. We manage our weight, our partners, our money. . . whatever we can get our hot little hands on. Yet, the more we try to manipulate the world around us, the crazier we feel! 

The Pisces full moon arrives in perfect timing, offering a one-way ticket outta our self-constructed Crazytowns. Since full moons are like giant celestial spotlights, this one could beam into an area of life where you’ve been stuck or in denial. If you’ve ignored your intuition, your creative expression, your deeper callings, the Pisces full moon reminds you to pay attention. 

So i thought this is the perfect time to add this juicy longer class while mother moon is in her full capacity illuminating us from above so we can really dive deep and expand into the final few months of the year with a feeling of lightness and clarity. 

3 hours of yin, restorative and yoga nidra with genlte pranayama. No yoga experience required. 

Sorry - that class has already taken place!