Soul Soothing Yoga Nidra & Sound - Open Level
with Jordan Doropoulos

October 28 (Friday)
at 5:40 pm

Class length
60 minutes

Osborne Park Studio

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Yoga Nidra is a conscious deep sleep.  The practice of Yoga Nidra connects you to your subconscious and your unconscious, the parts of you that contain your greatest strengths, abilities, knowledge and wisdom. 

 Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation and meditation technique where the mind remains awake during the normally unconscious state associated with sleep.  This technique induces deep relaxation of the body–mind with the ultimate aim of increasing self-awareness.  It is a technique that allows you to recharge, relax, rejuvenate and awaken your higher consciousness.  


There is nothing for you to do only to lie down comfortably allowing yourself to relax, let go mentally, physically and emotionally.  You must do your best to remain awake and just listen, follow the instructions that take you on this inner journey.  As most people fall asleep when they relax so the first stage of learning Yoga Nidra is to practice remaining awake and aware. 

The technique enables us to remain aware while we enter into the dream and sleeping states of consciousness.  The state of Yoga Nidra occurs when we can remain conscious during the sleep state.


After this beautifully guided meditation you will be bought back in to your body with the vibrational sounds of the crystal bowls which are each attuned to your seven major chakras (energy centers). 

You will leave this class feeling deeply relaxed and feeling aligned in body, mind & soul.


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