Awakened Wellness Higher Self & Intuition Workshop
with Mandy Francisty

August 27 (Saturday)
at 2:00 pm

Class length
180 minutes

Osborne Park Studio

spots left

Awakened Wellness, higher self and intuition workshop 

During this 3 hour workshop you will connect to your “Higher Self” through a variety of nurturing activities to bring your focus INWARDS, back to YOU. This is where your magic lies. 

You will learn how to connect to your intuition.

How to listen to your intuition and most importantly how to TRUST your intuition.

Your intuition is your internal GPS for you life. When you learn to connect to this aspect of your higher self and let your life be guided by this space, magical things happen. You shift into a flow state. This is when you align with YOUR timeline of life! 

What is included?

*Restorative Yoga (to get you in a clear energetic state where you can access your higher self easier)

*Guided Meditation and Breath-work

*A workshop to learn and practise ways to connect to your intuition.

*Guided free flow heart centred journaling to create a life guided by your internal GPS.

*A powerful manifestation meditation to align with your hearts intent. 

What to bring?

- drink bottle

-dress comfortable for restorative yoga 

-a journal and pen 

-your beautiful self

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to take time out away from the business of every day life, to nurture and re-connect to SELF. 

Anyone who is wanting to learn how to navigate their life and follow THEIR dreams (not societies). 

Anyone wanting to listen to and trust their own thoughts, feelings and desires and not others. Anyone wanting to gain the confidence to TRUST themselves!!

Anyone wanting to connect with like minded souls.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!