Kundalini - Open Level
with Kae Sarah

September 5 (Monday)
at 5:50 am

Class length
60 minutes

Osborne Park Studio

spots left
Kundalini yoga invites you to have an experience of yourself, as the totality of who you are, not limited to your physical body.

These classes with Kae ask that you drop all previous perceptions of yoga, especially the physical postures, and have a new experience. 

Embodying all the limbs of yoga in a dynamic class, this practice is an amalgamation of attentive focus, motion, poise, pattern, vibration and reverberation sequenced to raise us to our full potential.

Kundalini students are invited to:
- wear white (if the calling is there)
- wear a head scarf (if the calling is there)
- bring any meditative tools they feel pulled to
- bring a keep cup and a tea with them to ground post class
- bring an open mind (nothing else in this list is required, but openness is a must)

All levels welcome. (No yoga experience necessary) 


Sorry - that class has already taken place!