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Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation - Four Classes

This pass enables you to attend four Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes within eight weeks, subject to availability.

Mini Retreats, Special Events and One to One therapies are not included with this pass.
The eight week period begins when you attend your first class using the pass.

If your baby is born before this pass expires you may have credit for the classes missed for this reason only to use for Mummy and Baby Yoga classes, Baby Massage, or postnatal therapies.  

Please note that no refund or credit can be given for classes missed for any other reason, unless the class is cancelled.

If the Studio is closed with no classes scheduled for one or more whole weeks, then additional weeks will be added to the expiry period of any unexpired passes to make up for the weeks when classes were unavailable. 

Please note that attendance at all classes is subject to space being available in the class.  All classes at The Garden Studio are limited to just seven students.  You are strongly advised to book your space at all your chosen classes well in advance.

Please note that there is a strict 48 hour cancellation policy for all classes.  Your pass will be charged for any booked class where you have not given at least 48 hours notice that you are unable to attend.  

Classes may be cancelled if fewer than three students have booked by 24 hours before the class is due to commence.  Your pass will not be charged if a class is cancelled.

This pass is not refundable.

During the Coronavirus crisis, the cancellation period will be reduced to two hours to allow for the unpredictability of all our lives at present.  Your pass will be charged for any booked classes unless you give at least two hours notice that you are unable to attend.



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