Flexibility - Nov-Dec series
November 4, 2020 December 16, 2020

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60 minutes
1625 Chemong Rd
Warm up and stretch out with Nicole in this short but concentrated 1 hour class focused on deepening splits, compressing straddles and pikes, and articulating back-bends. This class will combine active and passive flexibility training to develop stability, strength and length in acrobatic and contortion poses to improve your aerial and ground circus practice.

The class takes place on...

November 4 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)
November 11 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)
November 18 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)
November 25 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)
December 2 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)
December 9 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)
December 16 at 8:10 pm (Wednesday)

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