Aerial Yoga - In Studio Class (60 mins)
with Wendy Gibbs

September 21 (Tuesday)
at 19:15

Class length
60 minutes

Studio 2

Aerial Yoga Studio Classes (60 mins)

A Yoga class delivered in a silky sling-like hammock, which is draped from the ceiling and supports your full body weight.The silk wraps around your body and supports you in certain difficult poses like inversions, giving you the experience of how a pose should feel. Taking a few aerial classes might raise your game in your regular yoga classes. Whether or not you have knee problems, adding some low- or no-impact workouts is great for you ,and aerial classes are exactly that easy on the joints. Research shows that mind-body activities can reduce stress, and aerial yoga is no exception. Most classes end with you lying in savasana, cocooned in a hammock as you gently swing from side to side. Talk about blissing out!


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