The Art & Practice of Journaling for Wellbeing
January 26 (Saturday) at 12:30 pm

Class length
3 hours
The Zen Room
Developing a journaling practice can enhance your overall wellbeing. It can serve as a form of mindful mediation bring peace, calm and balance to the mind and body. Allowing for each person to tap into their creativity by exploring their unique perspective and insight through their journaling practice
We will explore and experiment with a variety of journaling approaches including written and visual formats. Allowing each student to discover a journaling practice that resonates with them.
We will be doing yoga to support our exploration so please wear comfortable clothes. No prior experience necessary. In journaling or yoga
Facilitator: Dawn A. Doyle
Dawn is a Yoga Teacher (RYT200) at the Zen Room and an Artist -Maker with current works at the Carolyn Seiler & Friends Art Gallery in Cocoa Village. Dawn has been using a variety of written and visual journaling prompts and practices to support her yoga practice for over a decade.
“I am driven to create. Connecting, transforming, interpreting. What I observe, think, feel about a subject an observation. A journaling practice can support our intention to be mindful and present when creating and reflecting on our observations and experiences.” 

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