30 Minute Meditation
January 14 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm (GMT-05:00)

Online Class

Angel Lepore
Class length
30 minutes
The wisdom of meditation offers a path to awareness and clarity. Meditation is a practice that invites an inner calm, sense of peace, and harmony within. 

In this mediation practice you will be guided through a series of breath work, visualizations, and relaxation techniques. Allowing the breath to relax the body, expand the heart, and inspire the mind. 

This is your practice so find the most comfortable space and place that is best for you. Your meditation practice can be done lying on the floor, couch, bed, or sitting in a chair. Surround yourself with all the comforts that will support your experience; cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, a soothing eye pillow— release into the moment. 

This is a supportive space for anyone interested in meditation, all are welcome. 

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