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Bike Rental

Don't have a Spin bike?
No worries, Rent a Ride from our Studio!

Important Information
- This is a reoccurring monthly payment
   (every 4 weeks)
- Pick Up Bike from Studio for FREE
-This is a rental not a purchase
- Absolutely NO Altering of SpinCitas Spin Bike
-Will inform SpinCitas immediately of any bike damage or bike issues
- SpinCitas Is Not Responsible for any bodily injuries that may occur while riding the rental bike (Ride rental bike at your own risk).
- Only assigned Spin participant may use rental bike
- Must have an active/valid SpinCitas Spin Pass 
- Bike must be returned to SpinCitas on specified date
-If the bike breaks and we’re unable to replace/repair it, you’ll receive the remaining amount of your bike rental fee. 
- Rental Cost is $10 a Week 
(Monthly $40 Payment in Advance)
- Virtual Setup Assistance
- Virtual Maintenance Available

Each Payment is


Your Card Will Be Charged

Every 4 weeks

Membership will continue to renew until canceled.

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