July 27 (Monday) at 4:30 pm

Class length
1 hour
A one-hour class designed to gradually bring the mind and body down, down and down into deep stillness.
The eight limbs of yoga will be explored:
Yama (relating to self with loving awareness)
Niyama (relating to others and the world with loving awareness)
Asana (physical yoga poses)
Pranyama (breathing practices)
Dharana (concentration, mindfulness)
Dhyana (meditation, mindfulness)
Samadhi (oneness with the life-source, beyond mindfulness)

Each class will follow a similar format to explore many and varied practices throughout the weeks:
~Moving meditation: gentle fluid movement to open and relax the body, synchronising movement and breath.
~Seated meditation: with relaxed body, we can focus with more clarity. We will explore many ways to meditate using intention, breathing practices and mindfulness practices including visualisation, loving kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, chakra awareness, mantra, mandala and more.
~A good half of the class is devoted to Restorative yoga, including iRest Yoga Nidra to finish on a note of deep rest and stillness.

Please note: You are booking for an In Studio class.
Please bring your own yoga props including your own yoga mat.
The studio will open 10 minutes prior to class commencing.
Due to current social distancing regulations, we are only allowed 8 students at a time in the studio.
If you are no longer able to attend, please ensure you cancel this booking minimum 2hrs prior to class starting to allow other people on the waitlist to attend and to avoid being charged the full class fee.
Thank you for your understanding :)

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