Yoga Foundations
January 26 (Saturday) at 9:30 am

Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Build a strong and mindful foundation for a sustainable yoga practice.

This class will focus on alignment, concentration and breath, underpinned by yogic philosophy.  
In these relaxed and friendly classes, we will explore the fundamentals of yoga and build poses from the ground up.  
Perfect for new students to learn the basics safely and take a solid foundation into other classes.  
This is also a great opportunity for regular students to expand and consolidate their practice.

Louise is offering this class as a 4 week block throughout January- Wednesday's 9/1-30/1 & Saturday's 12/1-2/2, where each week builds on the one before, with the intention that this class will continue on as a rolling Yoga Foundations class throughout 2019.

Bookings for all 4 sessions will have preference.
Casuals are welcome if places available.

During the month of January, proceeds from this course will go to ‘The Yoga Foundation’, an Australian charity who bring the benefits of yoga to disadvantaged people, suffering from hardship, mental health issues and trauma who are unable to access yoga in the community.

•    This course will focus on alignment, mindful awareness and breath.
•    Yoga philosophy will be threaded through each class.
•    The spine is integral to each class and will be looked at in depth.

Standing on our feet – finding our foundation.
Like a tree, when are feet are grounded we can grow strong and flexible.
We will spend some time exploring these amazing and complex structures and discover their importance through a series of standing and balancing poses.

Legs, Knees and Hips – building our foundation.
Establish the trunk of your tree and build a strong, stable base.
Bring your lower body into balance with a range of yoga poses designed to open the hips, stabilise the knees and protect the lower back.  

Torso, arms, shoulders and neck – the top of our foundation.
Growing your tree upwards with strength and vigour.  
Asana in this class will look at using strengthening the shoulder girdle and protecting the neck.  

Putting it all together – a strong and solid foundation.
Enjoying your flourishing tree.
Using our bodies with awareness and relishing our strength and mobility brings joy and vigour to our yoga practice.

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