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Everyday Yoga is a six-week course dedicated to helping you to craft a practice suited specifically for you. Each of our bodies is different and requires focuses specific to our needs. As such, Susan is presenting a package of private lessons along with group lessons with other participants, allowing you to co-design soothing, energizing, and awakening techniques that serve as invaluable tools for your well-being.

Everyday Yoga uses an eclectic approach that draws from several schools of yoga to find practices designed specifically for you, and is suitable for Beginners and Experienced yogis alike.

What you can expect:
•Three 60-minute private lessons (individually scheduled) to take place in January and February
•Three 60-minute group lessons with those in your cohort, scheduled for to be determined
•Blog entries directed at the Course
•Brief small group Q&A sessions



This pass is not available for purchase online.