Yoga Series
February 15 (Friday) at 5:45 pm

Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Move2Center Studio
Join Susan Westlund for this special Yoga class series -- perfect for people who have been away from the practice for a long time, or for people who say they don't like yoga. 

This is Yoga at its most welcoming and inviting!

Move2Center is offering a 7-week introductory hatha yoga series on Fridays at 5:45 p.m., starting Feb. 1, taught by Susan Westlund. The idea is to give new and returning yogis a chance to get a taste of the various forms yoga can take. Each week we’ll offer a different style of yoga, beginning with a gentle class where we will share an overview of class structure and the language used in most all yoga classes regardless of who teaches them or where they are offered.

Although we encourage you to join us for the entire series, it is not required. You may pick and choose those that most appeal to you or that fit into your schedule.

The classes are listed below and are included in your Five Class Pass or Unlimited Membership. The usual drop in fee of $18 (plus tax) also applies.

Week One--Intro to Yoga. This gentle Hatha class will offer brief explanations of the benefits and origins of yoga, how it differs from other physical practices as well as what to expect in most any yoga class. Please bring your questions! The class is designed to help you to select and be ready for yoga classes anywhere. Requirements: Dress comfortably with an open heart and curiosity on your sleeve.

Week Two--Gentle Yoga:
Takes a gentle approach to slow, centering stretches. Links the breath to slow, simple movements. Builds flexibility, increases range of motion and body awareness. Ideal for new and continuing students—anyone who wants to find calm and feel more ease in their body.

Week Three--Flow/Vinyasa Yoga:
Moves with the breath in a dynamic flow of postures that build heat, stretch and strengthen the body. Pace is slow to moderate to allow for proper alignment and mindful transitions. Sun salutations, standing poses and balances central to the flow but seated and reclining postures also come into play before easing into restorative svasana. Step-by-step guidance includes variations that help you dial back more challenging postures deepen and extend them.

Week Four--Power Yoga: Strengthens and stabilizes through standing and weight-bearing poses for ALL LEVELS of yogis. Longer holds are used to build muscle and increase stamina, but a balanced practice that includes movement, flexibility, and breath-oriented mindfulness remains the hallmark of this and all yoga classes. Variations on the poses make this a super-accessible class!

Week Five--Yin Yoga: Opens and stimulates the fascia and core connective tissue by holding moderate stretches for longer-than-usual times, sometimes for several minutes. Calms the mind and encourages a sense of well-being through mindful breathing. Complements sports’ activities, aerobic exercises and the more “yang” style dynamic yoga practices. Generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced yogis.

Week Six--Restorative Yoga: Supports deep rest. Holds nurturing poses effortlessly for long periods, allowing the body and mind to let go and relax. Steady, deep breathing and slow, deliberate transitions maintain the calming, restorative effects of the “relaxation response.” Blocks, bolsters, and straps are often used as supports, allowing the body to remain in the postures without effort. This practice benefits all who can use a little relaxation.

Week Seven--Partner Yoga: Adds a playful twist to postures and flows. Levity and laughter accompany pairs trying to keep their rocky boat poses afloat or finding their roots in tottering tree poses. Forward bends and backbends deepen in the press and pull of a partner. Connections with the Self and Other are brought into focus with mirrored movement and breathing.

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