Move2Center Studio

Classic Nia with Jeanna Wheeler
with Jeanna Wheeler


December 1 (Thursday)
at 6:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes

Move2Center Studio

Join Jeanna Wheeler for an energizing Nia class to finsh your workday! 

Every Nia class is set to songs from a wide variety of genres, with an emphasis on beats that elevate your spirit and your heart rate, all set to easy-to-embrace choreography. If you enjoy other group fitness classes but don't like the harsh impact on your joints or senseless flailing, you'll love this practice.

Night-time Nia is terrific for anyone who loves to move, especially people with sedentary office jobs -- but it's also fantastic for those of us who are physically active during our work lives. Improve balance, cardio function, reaction time, and coordination and while having a great time and increasing your sense of expressiveness.

By the end of each class you'll feel exhilarated instead of exhausted, improve and balance your mood, find your voice and do it all as part of a welcoming, inspiring community. Sleep better and feel rested for the next day. Come step in with Jeanna!


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