Trauma 1.0 - Controlling Bleed-outs (Live Virtual)
August 9 (Sunday) at 8:00 am (GMT-07:00)

Online Class

Jeff Hensley
Class length
3 hours 30 minutes
Seattle, WA (Pacific Time Zone)
Trauma 1.0 - Controlling Bleed-outs

(Live - Virtual - on Zoom)

In this rare live-virtual event, Former Special Operations Medic and Master Instructor, Jeff Hensley, will guide you through critical hands-on exercises to render immediate care for gravely injured individuals in an active shooter or other life-threatening situation with minimal reliance on gear.

Those that attended Jeff's courses around the world know how incredibly gifted Jeff is in his ability to get students functional in a very short period of time.  This interactive event will be no different.

(Best to have a training partner, but it's not required)

From the Instructor about the Trauma Series:

You are preparing for perhaps the worst day of your life. Stress inoculation and pressure testing will be utilized during training to help you understand the realities of providing care in such circumstances. This isn't entertainment or for bragging rights. It is to give you the confidence to SURVIVE and care for those you love.

A gunfight, criminal assault, or terrorist attack isn't always over when the shooting stops, knife is dropped, or smoke clears. Often who lives and who dies is determined afterward. Marksmanship, weapons manipulations, combatives and tactics may NOT be the skill sets that ensure you or those you love survive. The difference could well be the medical care rendered immediately after or even during the event.

Training is useless unless it addresses the realities of the student's daily lives. Since most of us do NOT carry a trauma kit at work, school, church or the mall, students will be taught how to use tactical and/or emergency medical kits and the principles behind them so they will be able to improvise life-saving medical equipment from whatever is on hand.

Topics in Trauma 1.0 will include but are not limited to:

  The caregiver's attitude, resilience, and determination will be 
  cultivated  and tested in numerous scenarios and under duress.

The “X” of XABC
  Get off the “X”
  eXterminate threats
  Stop eXternal bleeding

      Assessment and Controlling Hemorrhage
      Active Pressure Methods
            Commercial and Improvised
            Selection and budget
      Wound-packing and pressure dressings

  Care of Patients in Hostile or Austere Environments
  Common Mechanisms of Injury

  Students will be taught to improvise treatment modalities when medical equipment is limited or unavailable.

This is essential training for every mindful adult. Get the knowledge and improvisational skill that will make a real difference in a crisis situation for yourself and those you love.

A gear list:

- SWAT-T (preferred) or CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) or both
   (check outdoor superstores like Bass Pro or Cabelas) 
- 3 feet of durable but thin rope (any material)
- 1 roll of any gauze wrap or sports wrap
- Any flexible cable like bungee cord
- Belt (any material)
- 1 pen
- 1 short stick (or stick-like object) no thicker than an inch and durable
- 1 old T-shirt you are willing to destroy
- (Optional) 1 old pair of pants you are willing to destroy
- (Optional) Any pistol with magazine

COURSE FEE: $40 (Per Person)

Please do not record this training. Taking notes is the best way to retain and functionalize your skill.

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