Intro to Ashtanga (livestream)
with Kate


September 22 (Wednesday)
at 6:00 pm (GMT+09:30)

Class length
60 minutes

Intro to Ashtanga (livestream)

Ashtanga Yoga has it's roots in Hatha Yoga and is the method out of which Vinyasa Yoga was developed. The full Ashtanga sequence is the same series of postures each practice, and as we learn the sequence we let go of ‘what’s coming next’ and drop in with long focused breaths.

This Intro to Ashtanga class explores the postures and sequences of the Ashtanga primary series in an easy to digest way, and is a brilliant foundational practice for all of our other classes and in particular if you would like to build toward the full Ashtanga Primary Series on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Taking a very similar sequence of postures each class, we are able to drop into the minute intracacies and nuances of the postures that we might otherwise miss in other classes. This is a dynamic practice that cultivates focus, calm, strength, and flexibility with many adaptions and variations for each of the postures so that you can build the practice at your own pace.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!